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To · Whom · It · May · Concern

To Whom It May Concern

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To a long list of people, things and stuff that I have in mind:

◄ To my bitchy, flamboyant OC of a prof:

I know you're already in your PMS stage, but good lord, have some mercy. Oh wait, your soul that does not exist to have mercy. But never mind.
I think you're mostly an annoying twat in the beginning, but thanks to what happened the rest of this sem, I believe you are the world's most annoying diva to outrival all the divas. You're picky, exacting to the point we've wasted so much time that could be spent on more substantial stuff than whether the paper we've submitted had the correct indentation and we've memorized the format down to heart. We could've devoted more time discussing what makes A GOOD LIBRARY PAPER and not your idea of a CORRECTLY INDENTED, CAPITALIZED, SPACED [INSERT WHATEVER FORMAT YOU WANT HERE] LIBRARY PAPER.
You talk shit about substantiality and format, of content and style, but somehow along the way [I dunno, old age maybe?] you lost the substiantiality and content part and you blew the whole format thing out of proportion. Sure you give handouts that tells us how to do it but not what to do. Instead of telling students what you want to see, why don't you tell them instead what you want to read?
Seriously, I have doubts whether you're actually checking our papers or you're just scanning them and checking the format.
See, if you stopped caring already and don't care whether your students could've produced a dissertation-worthy paper, why don't you just stop your rambling nonsense about style, format shitniz and do what the other profs do.
STOP BEING A FRIGGIN' DIVA. Hey, at least they know the only thing they do is to give a bird's eye view into students' papers and leave it at that. They don't need bitchy, self-righteous rants to torture students for one long, long, long hour. Might as well be forever when it comes to you. 
Alright, well tbh, I do enjoy listening to your narcissistic rants, along with your occasional 'pink' jokes and over the top flair and diva-licious attitude. You'd make a good entertainer in gay bars, should you consider switching professions. And about time, I say. 
It's only when you start acting like a PMS trainwreck and vent your holier-than-thou anger to some undeserving students. Undeserving in the sense that what the heck those poor students did to you in your past life and they get an onslaught of nonstop verbal barrage from you.
At the very least, I'm happy up to the nth power this is the last week we are going to see each other, I have no concern with you academically speaking and I can happily proclaim _______ IS A DOUCHEBAG local, loud and proud.

◄ To uni

I have no idea what to do with you. Should I transfer to another campus [which undoubtedly I know would make me vewy, vewy happy] or stay or just shift to another course? To be honest, I don't want to spend the rest of my four years in college with you. I just don't. I'm okay, but not exactly comfortable. You have no idea how much I am so pumped up for summer.
In a way, living here did taught me a whole new world but still. Nothing compares to a shitload of malls in your area than the wild woods.

◄ To A and S

I'll miss you. I'm being honest here. I know after this the chances of us meeting each other are like nil. S you're moving away and A...well you're moving away as well. And I'm moving away also. I doubt I'd meet you S like we just encounter each other while randomly strolling on campus. Even if we are going to be on the same campus. You're in another college and so am I.
A, well, I can't believe I'm actually going to miss you. You were the most childish, brattiest person I've met of my own age [and you're a few months older] and couldn't believe with your haphazard way of living. We've have our own fair share of awkward moments just like I did with S but in the end, well. You're just unique. Unique in a funny, charming way. It turned out I'm still going to miss you.
I really don't know what'll happen to me as well at this point, I can't imagine what my future would be like for the next two months but rest assured, I won't forget you two. Consider yourself a part of my haphazard world, even for a while.

* * *